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Various USB UART adapters.
Can be used to upload code, set up GPS chipsets or as replacement for the modems etc.

Pay attention the different logic levels (3V3/5V) !

FTDI Utility Board

Top with all necessary connections

Multi purpose pcb with FT232RL.


  • Xbee socket to program XBee modules using X-CTU or act as GroundStation Modem
  • molex picoblade header 4pin (Gnd,Tx,Rx,Gnd: Good for LPC bootloader programming), 3pin (Gnd,Tx,Rx: connect to autopilot UART1)
  • 5v or 3.3v logic selectable (solder jumper)
  • Mini-USB connector
  • 2 LED (XBee Status and Power)

Available from PPZUAV (

XBee USB adapter

XBee Explorer USB

More information can be found at the Modems#GCS_Adaptation page.
Can be used as GCS adapter or programming adapter.
They are sold in Ebay china in high numbers for cheap.

FT2232H Mini Module

Further Information on the Programming_adapter page.

Top with all necessary connections
Bottom with pin headers

Small breakout PCB for the FT2232HQ chip from FTDI.
Mini USB and 2x 2x13 pin header (2,54mm).
The module provides two individual channels for independent configuration (JTAG, SPI, I2C, UART).
Can be used as programming adapter with e.g. Blackmagic Probe or OpenOCD.


  • High Speed USB 2.0 (480Mb/s)
  • 2x JTAG
  • 2x SPI
  • 2x I2C
  • 2x UART
  • Linux Drivers available
  • 3.3V (5V tolerant)


FT2232H Datasheet
FT2232H Mini Module Datatsheet
Mouser shop 22€

FTDI USB cable

FTDI Cable
FTDI pinout

Standard USB UART breakout cable with FT232RQ chip.
Cable lengh is 1.8m.


SparkFun 18$
Mouser 16.30€
Reselec (Switzerland) 25.30CHF