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What you need

Qty Manufacturer
part number
Description Manufacturer Digikey
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RC electronics
2 Graupner DES-476 BB Digital servos 11.5mm Graupner Graupner #7915
2 Servo cable with plug 30cm to enhance servo Hobby shop
1 Axi 2212/26 Gold Line Brushless motor 920 RMP/V Axi Axi #221226
1 APC Slo-Flyer 9x6"
1 Prop saver 3.17mm

Shopping list


Again you follow the original instructions of the Multiplex Funjet. This mentions only the differences.

Enhance the servo cable by adding extra cable to have 28cm in total, secure the cable with heat shrink tube if you solder. Remove the black plastic case of the plug and thread the three golden plugs from the outside through the 5mm servo channels to the fuselage. Re-attach the black plug in the fuselage in the correct order. Install the servo and mechanics as described in the manual.

Funjet servo.jpg

Add a male BEC cable for the Umarim power supply to the speed controller battery input connector. Attach the motor to the speed controller. Mount the speed controller at the back of the fuselage.

Funjet esc.jpg

Mount the motor in the back of the aircraft. The downthrust should be around 1°, see manual.

Funjet motor.jpg

Install the propeller on the prop saver. Make sure you keep the rubber in a good condition. Replace them early.

Funjet prop.jpg