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Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Go to the Ubuntu desktop image download page and choose the 32 bit 12.04 LTS (long term support) version

Ubuntu 1204.png

Copy the image to an USB stick or burn a CD, follow the instructions on the Ubuntu download page. Boot your laptop with the created medium and install. That will take some time, it should be self explanatory. Check the Ubuntu web site for more information.

Ubuntu install.jpg

Install auxiliary software

Once your laptop boots with Ubuntu we can go on and get you compilers, libraries and everything that is needed to build Paparazzi. Start Firefox by clicking on its button on the left and go back this page on the laptop. Go to the Ubuntu "Dash Home" button in the upper left corner, click and type "terminal" to search for a terminal window. Drag&drop the terminal button to the quick launch bar.

Move terminal.png

Do the same with the gedit editor. Type 'gedit' into the start button and drag&drop the 'Text Editor' application icon to the quick launch bar. You might want to remove the LibreOffice quick launch buttons as you do not need that for flying. Right-click and choose "Unlock from launcher" to do that.

Next we need to add the installation sources for the Paparazzi software packages. Click on the terminal icon and execute

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paparazzi-uav/ppa

The system will ask for your password as you run this with root rights. This will happen a few more times.

Terminal add.png

Then we update the systems package inventory and install the two main Paparazzi software packages. This will take some time.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install paparazzi-dev paparazzi-arm-multilib

Retrieve and build Paparazzi source code

We use the source code managing software 'git' to get the Paparazzi source code. For simplicity we stay in the home folder and copy it to the 'paparazzi' subfolder.

git clone paparazzi

We change into the paparazzi folder

cd paparazzi

and make sure to check out the version 'campaign2013' for SUMO measurements

git checkout -b campaign2013 origin/campaign2013

To allow access for USB flashing of your autopilot and modem use, some 'udev' rules need to be copied to the system

sudo cp conf/system/udev/rules/50-paparazzi.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

It is time to build the Paparazzi software


Create a shortcut on the desktop to easily start Paparazzi. Copy the launcher to the desktop

cp conf/system/launcher/Paparazzi.desktop ~/Desktop

make it executable

chmod a+x ~/Desktop/Paparazzi.desktop

and edit it to fit your username. Replace USERNAME with your actual user name in the 'Icon' and 'Exec' lines.

gedit ~/Desktop/Paparazzi.desktop

Gedit launcher.png

The icon should appear and you can start Paparazzi by clicking it. Voilà.

Paparazzi installed.png