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USPS Shipping Warning

  1. We had one FOB (Military) address customers order completely lost and we refunded their order amount. We lost a customer that day and it was completely out of our control.
  2. We have had numerous customers USPS shipments take over 30 days to be delivered. Since there is no "online" tracking number provided by USPS the customer starts to wonder about us not USPS.
  3. If there are issues we are given an 800 number to call and no help at all from USPS. They admit the number is often not even answered and they say there is nothing they can do once the package has left the USA.
  4. If your order is lost (some orders are very expensive) USPS will only give us 45.00 compensation regardless of insured amount for shipments outside the USA. So considering how much could be lost what is the value of bad feelings on both sides if it is lost?
  5. We had numerous complaints that no matter what option was selected the USPS module chose the most expensive shipping method (almost the same cost as FedEx). This is not something we can control or fix because it's USPS that does the calculation.

FedEx Shipping Costs We must be clear. The calculation you see with FedEx is the same one FedEx uses when we ship. That amount is charged to us and we have to pay it. If you see 82.00 for your shipping charge that is what FedEx will charge us to ship it. We have heard people say they order from this or that vendor and FedEx was much less expensive. You must realize we are not a large International Company. We pay the same rates you do for FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL etc.. The calculation you see is the same. We use Fedex.com to ship so you are welcome to login and input the same information and verify the calucuations.

The shipping provider on the Web Store is selected with you in mind. If a shipper is not performing we remove them. The only one left now is FedEx because they are the best performer.

We are flexible and since we make no profit from any shipping supplier you are welcome to choose USPS if you like. If you truly have no consideration for receiving your equipment email us and we can arrange USPS for your order. It will be shipped US Postal Priority International Flat Rate for approx 25.00. Delivery time will average 10 or more days and up to 60 days before they will investigate. Since we consider you first we have to make sure you are aware of this so there is no false expectations. No matter the shipping company we ship orders as quickly as we can. In some cases the same day we receive the order. So delays are out of our control once we deliver it to the shipping company.

Customs: We can not lie about the value of your order. We are obligated to list all items (Packing Slip) and the value regardless of shipping company. All orders will be listed in the customs declaration at the amount paid. A packing slip will be included. This will help your order to clear customs faster (100% of the delay is there) and since this is expected when you buy from any vendor it should be expected from PPZUAV as well.

Please check the PPZUAV website often as we expand our product offering.