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The NavStik main autopilot board


The NavStik autopilot comes from NavStik and consists of a main board with several breakout boards. Until now we have 3 flavours in the breakout board, the IvyPRO, the IvyEZ and the IvyLITE. Each of these breakout boards have different specifications, but since the main board contains all the sensors they will never change. Next to the autopilot it has the capability to add a Gumstix Overo on top for more processing power.

Breakout Boards

Since the NavStik doesn't have any real connectors or power management you will need a breakout board for your autopilot to make it fully functional. In this section we will give you a short overview of the three different breakout boards.

Features IvyPRO IvyEZ IvyLITE
PWM In/Out 6 (0.1” Headers) + 6 (JST-SH Connector) 6 (0.1” Headers) + 6 (JST-SH Connector) 6 + 6 (All Pads)
Micro SD Card YES (Push-Push Type) YES (Header Type) YES (Header Type)
Port for Telemetry (UART) YES (JST-SH) YES (JST-SH) YES (Pads)
NavStik USB Port(s) 2 (Micro-USB, JST-SH) 1 (Micro-USB) 2 (Micro-USB, Pads)
Port for Spektrum (UART) YES (JST-SH) NO NO
Ports for Gumstix Overo® UART, USB (2) NONE UART, USB
Debug Port (for IvyGS) YES YES* YES
Current Measurement YES NO NO
Battery Voltage Monitor YES YES NO
Input Voltage Range 4.5V – 14.0V 3.5V – 5.5V 4.0V – 5.5V
ESD, Short-Circuit Protection YES YES YES
Auto Power Switching YES YES YES
Cost +++++ +++ +++
Size 41mm x 35mm 41mm x 17mm 35mm x 17mm
Weight ˜8.6 gram ˜5 gram ˜3.2 gram