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Some part of the code is already available as modules. Some other parts could be easily adapted. A module may have several configuration files for the most common uses. The code of the modules is placed in sw/modules/<directory name>.

Available modules

Name directory configuration files airframe(s) description
Demo demo_module demo_module.xml FW basic example with blinking leds
max11040 adcs max11040.xml FW 24 bit 16 channel AD converter
ADC generic adcs adc_generic.xml FW autopilot internal 10 bit AD converter
Enose enose enose.xml FW chemical sensor
Booz cam cam_control booz_cam.xml Booz pointing of a simple camera on booz (servo for tilt, heading for pan
Cam point cam_control cam_point.xml FW pointing of a camera
Cam roll cam_control cam_roll.xml FW roll camera
Booz drop drop booz_drop.xml Booz drop mechanism on booz
light light light.xml FW control blinking speed of the LEDs for night flights
servo switch servo_switch servo_switch.xml FW simply switch a servo to "on" or "off" position, e.g. trigger camera or open hatch
Formation flight multi formation_flight.xml FW formation flight control for fixed-wing aircraft
Gps i2c gps_i2c gps_i2c.xml FW i2c driver for Ubx GPS modules
Xsens ins ins_xsens.xml
driver for the Xsens AHRS/INS (for fixedwing it provides a full navigation solution, for rotorcraft it is a bit slow)
ins_ArduIMU ins ins_arduimu.xml FW ArduIMU V2+ (Flat) INS (should probably be renamed to AHRS and adhere to the ahrs interface)
VN-100 ins ins_vn100.xml FW RW? VectorNav VN-100 AHRS (should probably be renamed to AHRS and adhere to the ahrs interface)
Max 3100 max3100 max3100.xml FW max3100 driver (spi<->uart converter)
MPPT MPPT MPPT.xml FW maximum power point tracker (control board for solar cells, i2C interface)
Poles poles poles.xml FW special navigation functions to fly around poles and counting loops
Potential multi potential.xml FW use potential fields for collision avoidance
Sonar sonar sonar_maxbotix_booz.xml Booz driver for a Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor
dust_gp2y meteo dust_gp2y.xml FW driver for Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F dust sensor
humid_dpicco meteo humid_dpicco.xml FW driver for IST DigiPicco humidity sensor
humid_hih meteo humid_hih.xml FW driver for Honeywell HIH-4030 humidity sensor
humid_htm_b71 meteo humid_htm_b71.xml FW driver for TronSens HTM-B71 humidity sensor
humid_sht meteo humid_sht.xml FW driver for Sensirion SHT75 humidity sensor
humid_sht_i2c meteo humid_sht_i2c.xml FW driver for Sensirion SHT25 humidity sensor (I2C)
ir_mlx meteo ir_mlx.xml FW driver for Melexis 90614 IR sensor
light_temt meteo light_temt.xml FW driver for Vishay TEMT6000 ambient light sensor
temp_lm75 meteo temp_lm75.xml FW driver for National LM75 temperature sensor
temp_temod meteo temp_temod.xml FW Hygrosens TEMOD-I2C-Rx temperature sensor for PT1000
temp_tmp102 meteo temp_tmp102.xml FW driver for TI TMP102 temperature sensor
airspeed_adc sensors airspeed_adc.xml FW driver for airspeed sensor based on analog voltage
airspeed_ets sensors airspeed_ets.xml FW Eagle Tree Systems airspeed sensor
alt_srf08 sensors alt_srf08.xml FW driver for Devantech Ultrasonic Range Finder SRF08
baro_bmp sensors baro_bmp.xml FW driver for Bosch BMP085 pressure sensor
baro_ets sensors baro_ets.xml FW Eagle Tree Systems pressure sensor
baro_MS5534A sensors baro_MS5334A.xml FW driver for Intersema MS5534A pressure sensor
baro_ms5611_i2c sensors baro_ms5611_i2c.xml FW driver for Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA pressure sensor
baro_scp sensors baro_scp.xml FW driver for VTI SCP1000 (SPI) pressure sensor
baro_scp_i2c sensors baro_scp_i2c.xml FW driver for VTI SCP1000 (I2C) pressure sensor
mag_micromag_fw sensors mag_micromag_fw.xml FW driver for PNI Micromag magnetic sensor
trigger_ext sensors trigger_ext.xml FW driver to measure external events/durations
Sys mon core sys_mon.xml FW & Booz measures CPU load & activity
DC digital_cam digital_cam.xml
FW & RW Controls Digital Camera Functions (buttons) like shoot/zoom/onoff/take pictures at regular intervals

Possible modules

A list of the parts of the FW airborne code that could be changed to modules.

Name header init periodic event datalink description
Led X X control leds and GPIO
Traffic X X update traffic information from datalink
TCAS X X 1Hz - 4Hz  ? vertical collision avoidance
Gyro X X 60Hz
IR X X 60Hz Infrared sensors
Joystick X X X X control a plane from telemetry