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Lisa ( the Lost Illusions Serendipitous Autopilot) is a new range of autopilots based on STM32 microcontrollers ( CortexM3@72Mhz ) designed to run Paparazzi. There's no such thing as a perfect autopilot, only autopilots adapted to a particular purpose. This is the reason why Lisa comes in different flavors for different usages.

The first members of the family are:

  • Lisa/L, a design where the STM32 is associated to a gumstix Overo.
  • Lisa/M, a design focusing on cost and simplicity.



Lisa/L is a dual processor board autopilot designed to allow the possibility of using Linux for Paparazzi airborne code.

Lisa l bloc diag simple.png Lisa l top.png Lisa l bot.png


The documentation about Lisa/L has been split in two: You can have a look at the User/LisaL user manual or the Dev/LisaL developer manual or look at pictures on the LisaL_Gallery gallery page.



Lisa/M is a 50*25mm single processor board, with 7 full size servo connectors. This board is about the size of a conventional RC receiver and features a footprint for an aspirin IMU and an affordable barometer. Intended usages range from a CAN servo driver to a full blown autopilot or a flybarless heli controller.

Lisa m top small.png Lisa m bot small.png Aspirin small.png


Lisa/M is only at the stage of prototype. Documentation will follow as soon as the board reaches production stage.


Lisa/S is only a project at the moment. The focus for this design is size, weight and power consumption. The intent is to produce an autopilot suited for the smallest airframes. For now just a CAD rendering to wet your appetite. Lisa s cad.png