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Lisa ( the Lost Illusions Serendipitous Autopilot) is a new range of autopilots based on STM32 microcontrollers ( CortexM3@72Mhz ) designed to run Paparazzi. There's no such thing as a perfect autopilot, only autopilots adapted to a particular purpose. This is the reason why Lisa comes in different flavors for different usages.

The first members of the family are:

  • Lisa/L, a design where the STM32 is associated to a gumstix Overo.
  • Lisa/M, a design focusing on cost and simplicity.
  • Lisa/S, a design focusing on size and weight.



Lisa/L is a dual processor board autopilot designed to allow the possibility of using Linux for Paparazzi airborne code.

Lisa l bloc diag simple.png Lisa l top.png Lisa l bot.png


The documentation about Lisa/L has been split in two: You can have a look at the Lisa/L user manual or the Dev/LisaL developer manual or look at pictures on the LisaL_Gallery gallery page. A link to LisaL Quadrocopter User/LisaL/Tutorial/Quadrocopter. A link to LisaL FixedWing User/LisaL/Tutorial/FixedWing. Some more lisa links Lisa USB final Lisa Logitech Camera.



A special page is dedicated to the Lisa/M yu can find it by clicking on this line

Lisa m top small.png


Lisa/M is only at the stage of prototype. More Documentation can be found here. The documentation will be extended over time. It would be great to add more documentation yourself if you already have experience with this board of if you even made one yourself.


Lisa/S is only a project at the moment. The focus for this design is size, weight and power consumption. The intent is to produce an autopilot suited for the smallest airframes. For now just a CAD rendering to wet your appetite compared to the Lisa/L, the S is the lower board.

Lisa s cad.png

Where to get it

You can obtain Lisa/L and Lisa/M from the Joby Robotics online shop.