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The task of building Paparazzi on for Apple MacOS X is on going. The current installation instructions are as follows. As the process evolves and the more people begin to use it the process will become easier and more simplified.


  1. Latest XCode
  2. MacPorts
  3. sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants libftdi +universal
  4. sudo port install git-core xml-light caml-ocamlnet lablgtk2 gmp mpfr libmpc # Go get a coffee… have a sleep. this takes quite long time
  5. git clone -o <username><your github username>/paparazzi.git <-- See the Paparazzi GIT page
  6. svn co ~/ivy-c
  7. cd ~/ivy-c
  8. sudo make -f Makefile.osx PREFIX=/opt/local install
  9. cd <GIT>/paparazzi/sw/lib/ocaml/ivy
  10. make
  11. sudo make install
  12. cd <GIT>/paparazzi
  13. make clean
  14. make
  15. git clone git:// summon-arm-toolchain-git
  16. cd summon-arm-toolchain-git
  17. edit summon-arm-toolchain and change the following (USE_LINARO=1, LIBSTM32_EN=1, DEFAULT_TO_CORTEX_M3=1, PARALLEL="-j 3")
  18. ./summon-arm-toolchain # Go have another coffee or lunch