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The Paparazzi project began in 2003 with the goal of creating a free and open-source UAV guidance system which could be easily adapted to a wide variety of aircraft for a wide variety of applications. The system has since proved to be extremely successful and Paparazzi-based aircraft have won all top positions in every flight contest in which they competed.

As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available on the internet for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GPL License Agreement which requires only that the open-source nature of the project be maintained by all who redistribute it.

Paparazzi is currently being developed by several universities and a team of enthusiast volunteers from around the world. It is used by private corporations, universities and hobbyists for an ever-increasing number of applications.


PPZUAV has been providing Paparazzi Based products longer than anyone. Our experience shows and you can be confident you are buying from a company that has been providing Paparazi Hardware long before the competition started to copy us down to our e-commerce software and product mix. If their Web Store looks similar consider it proof we started something worth imitating.
PPZUAV firsts:

  1. first to offer Paparazzi Assemblies
  2. first to offer free USB programming cables with Assembled Tiny Purchases
  3. first to offer free programming of the boot loader and GPS configuration with Assembled Tiny Purchases
  4. first to stock inventory for assemblies
  5. first to use Lower Cost Offshore FAB and Assembly to pass on the savings to our customers
  6. first to offer educational discounts to Universities and Students
  7. first to offer WorldWide International Shipping using major carriers
  8. first to accept Major Credit cards as well as PayPal
  9. first to warranty our assemblies against manufacturing defects

At PPZUAV we are leaders and will continue to do so. When it comes to doing the extras that make your purchase easier we are the first to do it. So order with confidence that we have done this longer, offer more value and will continue to provide exceptional service to all of our customers.

We know it can be daunting to discover Paparazzi and wonder what to do first. So we take care of the basics for you before shipping. Each Fully Assembled Tiny2.11 ready to program another feature the competition is just now starting to offer. How we do this:

  1. We load the bootloader
  2. configure the GPS module
  3. We load a sample tiny2.11 program into it.
  4. We verify it runs the program (LED1/RED flashes)
  5. Then acquires a 3D fix (LED2/GREEN flashes).

What you get is a working ready to configure for your aircraft assembly. Please eMail with any questions or special requests.

Visit the PPZUAV WebStore

All Assemblies are factory assembled using robotic pick and place machines by MyroPCB. This assures all Products are exactly the same. Our lead time is now only 14 days! So if it's out of Stock We will have it quickly. The process is strictly controlled under ISO 9002 or ISO 9001 and IPC standards. The PCB Factory has been in operation since 1994 in ShenZhen China and the Assembly Factory has been in operation since 1998. Due to the low labor costs in China we are able to offer exceptional quality at an exceptional price.

Please check the PPZUAV website often as we expand our product offering.

Mantis Electronics (Website)

Mantis Electronics is pleased to offer assembled Tiny 2.11, IR boards, GPS modules, USB-TTL interface boards, 3-Axis I2C/SPI accelerometer boards, and accessories for immediate order. Our boards are solder paste stencilled, reflow soldered and 100% tested.

Our Items:

  • Tiny 2.11 assembled with LEA-4P and GPS antenna: $250 ($260 with Molex Picoblade connectors)
  • 2-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $75
  • 1-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $55
  • u-blox LEA-4P GPS module: $75
  • USB<->TTL Serial board: $15 (useful for programming and telemetry)
  • 3-Axis I2C/SPI accelerometer board: $35
  • MLX90247 IR sensors: $12
  • Tiny 2.11 bare PCB: $10
  • 2-Axis IR bare PCB: $5
  • 1-Axis IR bare PCB: $5

Current lead time for orders is 3 weeks. USA shipping is $6. International shipping is $15.
Please see our website to order.


After numerous requests i am working on supplying all pcb's , parts , gps etc and will be fully supporting the paparazzi projects now and in the future , so please bear with Richard & Myself David (cncbasher), whilst we gather stocks and manufacture pcb's etc , enquirys can be made direct to if you wish , a web site is in the process( now up and running see below ) of being put together which will incorporate sales of everything papparazzi , we will even help in getting your own built projects going if you are stuck so long as it's paparazzi based ! too , Bare PCB'S are now available for tiny13 v1.1 , classix v0.99 & dual_ir incl free 1st class postage ,whilst we work on getting the shop up and running if you need bare pcb's , they can be purchased using Paypal from our website . we are currently assembling a few for testing and will announce availability shortly of assembled boards and complete kits , along with wiring harness's , usb lead's , gps , antennas & zigbee modules etc.

Although the website is new , we hope to have stocks of almost everything you will need , and other rc supplies too .

"Halfbase" Mass Produce - Your Benefit!

Whats Aviation required? A Calm & experienced Pilot! As for UAV, Realtime & Reliable System is essential!

Each Tiny is handmade by SMT master, to withstand the most extreme environment in mind!
Each connection is very strong, with extra solder on every Grounding & connector! Whole available!

All Assembled Tiny v2.11 / TWOG, Now come standard 'ARTF'!

  • FREE Pre-programming ~,
  1. Pre-load the bootloader + USB Tunnel
  2. Pre-configure latest GPS module ( LEA-5H )
  3. Programming using Paparazzi
  4. Testing if, Tiny v2.11 Running is OK
  5. Testing if, GPS success Locating in (4Hz)
  • FREE Cables,
  1. miniUSB- USB, Programming Cable ( Sending 'Paparrazi Airframe setting' )
  2. miniUSB- Download, Programming Cable ( Reflash 'Bootcode/GPS config' )
  3. Power Cable, (Male + Female + Cable) Detachable
  4. 3,4pins IR Cable, Molex Picoblade type connector Cable for, 1-asix & 2-asix IR Board.
  • FREE Pre-crimped Cable 20-25cm, with 1.25mm Picoblade 'Male connector
  1. 6pcs x 3 pins Cable
  2. 4pcs x 5 pins Cable
  3. 2pcs x 7 pins Cable
  4. 2psc x 8 pins Cable
  • FREE Programming Adaptor:
  1. 1pcs x FTDI-chip FT232R 3.3v USB to Serial (Manual Jumper available to 3.3v/5v setting)

Status:- ~ All PCB, Kits & Assembled ready to ship - Next day! Live Stock available Now! ~

'▪~Tiny v2.11 whole Kits: included "GPS LEA-5H + PicoBlade + USB Cable "$185"

▪~ Tiny V.2.11 Fully Assembled: GPS + PicoBlade + USB Cable: USD $285 ~
Now! ~ All Kit included "USB Programming Cable"!! ~ Class 3 Standard ! Wholesale availiable

▪ 1-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $35 ▪ 1-Axis IR bare PCB: $0.5
▪ 2-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $55 ▪ 2-Axis IR bare PCB: $0.6
▪ MLX90247 IR sensors: $8, Nippon, Japan IR sensors: $5

▪ UltraSonic Senor Module: $60, ▪ "UltraSonic Sensor (Transmitter/receiver) $10/pair"

▪ u-blox LEA-4P / LEA-5H GPS Module: $55 ▪GPS Ceramic Antenna - 25mm/18mm $5.00

▪ USB Programming Cable $10 ▪ ~ Picoblade 1.25mm (3/4/5/7/8)Pins, Male/Famale x 10 ~~ "$1 Only!" ~~

Fuselage :- ▪ Discus 4m Fiberglass + air-brake $360 ▪ Scorpio 2.6m $168 ▪ Predator - body only $120

Our intention is fully on Education Institute, we provide great discount offer to Research & institute!

Send your require order to or Visit

'All profit we made, fully goes into a Project base charity we currently establishing.'
Aims to provide learning platform for school & institute, recruit interesting voluntary party to take parts,
in assisting & directing, Lecture & Engineer those project ideas into reality, wisely & openly.
We're working toward to a successful & sustainable establishment, and smooth project invention growing! evolve together!


Fast PCB Prototypes