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As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available on GitHub for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GPL License Agreement which requires only that the open-source nature of the project be maintained by all who redistribute it.


1bitsquared logo.png 1 BIT SQUARED

Paparazzi UAV, development, production and consulting company. Manufacturers and distributors of Lisa/S nano autopilot.


Paparazzi controllers

Providing professional services for Paparazzi based projects since 2007.

Services include:

  • Assembled and tested assemblies ready to program
  • Low cost individual PCBs for every Paparazzi Hardware Design
  • Consulting services
  • Turnkey systems based on Paparazzi
  • Meteo Research S.U.M.O. SUMO bundles and SUMO electronics

Please do not hessitate to contact us via eMail to: for details.

We want to help you get your Paparazzi project off the ground. We have helped hundreds of projects become successful. Confused what to buy? Just give us an email and we will help you get started (

Whatever the part we make all the Paparazzi hardware available either via bare PCBs or fully assembled ready to program. TWOG, Umarim, Apogee controllers available now. NOTE: Special orders welcome. Just let us know which item and the quantity.

Visit the PPZUAZ WebStore to see the latest offerings.

Transition Robotics Logo.png Transition Robotics Inc.
Lisa/M V2.0 top view
Lisa/M V2.0 bottom view

Transition Robotics Inc. is a young company developing new solutions for and with the Paparazzi UAV platform. Their core product is the Quadshot, a VTOL transitioning aircraft.

Beside the Quadshot itself they develop and provide hardware and software that is especially optimized for Paparazzi, such as the Lisa Autopilots, Aspirin IMUs and associated accessories.

They have a shop on their Quadshot product page.

As of February 2012, Transition Robotics, Inc. has acquired all IP and Paparazzi related inventory from Joby Robotics. We are thankful to Joby Robotics for their important and faithful support of Paparazzi related hardware projects, and hope to carry on this tradition. Hardware formerly supplied by Joby Robotics may now be purchased at the Transition Robotics/Quadshot webstore.

The TRI/Quadshot Webstore also stocks pre-crimped Molex Picoblade wires and connector housings.



Sparkfun is a great source of miscellaneous electronics like:

  • Development boards
  • GPS
  • Gyros
  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Temperature/humidity sensors
  • USB to Serial converters (XBEE adapter)
  • LEDs
  • Etc.

Sparkfun distributors in Europe

Incomplete list.


Elektronic distributor, sells all kinds of elektronic parts or modules. Free shipping as of 60€.


Mainly focused on ArduPilot hardware. But carries Paparazzi compatible Telemetry and sensor boards.

DIYDrones distributors in Europe

u-Blox GPS receivers

Airspeed Sensors

Eagle Tree Systems makes a small standalone airspeed sensor that can be connected via i2c. They also sell pitot tubes standalone for other differential pressure sensors.

DIGI XBee telemetry modules

For detailed shopping guide see [Modems]



Need just the PCB? You are in luck. PPZUAV makes available every ENAC Paparazzi design PCB. here. If you see it on the Wiki it is likely PPUAV has the PCB available for you here.


Cheap 2 and 4 layer boards from Germany, he orders around once a month 2 layer and only some infrequently 4 layer's by a german manufacturer.

  • 2 layer 1cm² ~ 0.30€
  • 4 layer 1cm² ~ 0.60€

OSH Park

Cheap 2 and 4 Layer boards. Free wordwide shipping.


  • 3x 2 Layer 1cm² = 0.78$
  • 3x 4 Layer 1cm² = 1.55$

(minimum order is 3 pcs, standard price is already for 3 pcs)

Old vendors

Here is a list of former paparazzi hardware vendors for reference. They were providing a great service to the Paparazzi community.