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The Paparazzi project began in 2003 with the goal of creating a free and open-source UAV guidance system which could be easily adapted to a wide variety of aircraft for a wide variety of applications. The system has since proved to be extremely successful and Paparazzi-based aircraft have won all top positions in every flight contest in which they competed.

As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available on the internet for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GPL License Agreement which requires only that the open-source nature of the project be maintained by all who redistribute it.

Paparazzi is currently being developed by several universities and a team of enthusiast volunteers from around the world. It is used by private corporations, universities and hobbyists for an ever-increasing number of applications.

Paparazzi UAV Online (PPZUAV)

Good news. There is now a company to make available Paparazzi Project PCB and Assembled Paparazzi Hardware: PPZUAV Website:

PPZUAV has in stock virtually all the Paparazzi Project bare PCB ready to ship. We ship all major carriers (US Postal, UPS, FedEx, DHL). We also stock completely assembled Paparazzi Hardware so if you want to get flying fast with the most complete solutions we have your parts. We also carry cables, and other items you will need to get your Paparazzi Project off the ground.

Why choose us?

  • All Assembled units assembled using pick and place machine and reflow soldered both sides by a very experience professional assembly/fabrication company.
  • The same company then professionally assembles and also offers a guaranteed against assembly defects.
  • If an item is on backorder it's no problem. Our lead time is only 2 days and we can have it shipped direct from the assembler to you via UPS international 3 day.
  • NEW: We also offer bootloader programming and GPS configuration for all Autopilots purchased from us.

  • The fully assembled Tiny2.11 are shipped direct from the assembly company to you in anti-static sealed bags in a padded UPS shipping box. You will receive a UPS international tracking number.

  • NOTE: Those who wish to use US Postal Service. USPS does not guarantee International (non USA) shipments greater than 45.00. We are told liability for > 45.00 is put on you countries postal carrier. Please select an appropriate carrier based on the value of your order when ordering.

Please check the website often as we expand our product offering. We are not just pre-ordering but instead have created an arrangement with our assembler where we can have whatever quantity you need assembled in only days not weeks. Don't see it on the Web Store? No problem, feel free to contact us with requests for Paparazzi PCB or Assemblies. eMail questions and requests to:

Mantis Electronics

Mantis Electronics is pleased to offer assembled Tiny 2.11, IR boards, GPS modules and accessories for immediate order.
Our boards are solder paste stencilled, reflow soldered and 100% tested.

  • Tiny 2.11 assembled with LEA-4P and GPS antenna: $250 ($260 with Molex Picoblade connectors)
  • 2-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $75
  • 1-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $55
  • u-blox LEA-4P GPS module: $75
  • MLX90247 IR sensors: $12
  • Tiny 2.11 bare PCB: $10
  • 2-Axis IR bare PCB: $5
  • 1-Axis IR bare PCB: $5

Current lead time for orders in 4 weeks. USA shipping is $6. International shipping is $15.

Please see our website to order.


After numerous requests i am working on supplying all pcb's , parts , gps etc and will be fully supporting the paparazzi projects now and in the future , so please bear with Richard & Myself David (cncbasher), whilst we gather stocks and manufacture pcb's etc , enquirys can be made direct to if you wish , a web site is in the process( now up and running see below ) of being put together which will incorporate sales of everything papparazzi , we will even help in getting your own built projects going if you are stuck so long as it's paparazzi based ! too , Bare PCB'S are now available for tiny13 v1.1 , classix v0.99 & dual_ir incl free 1st class postage ,whilst we work on getting the shop up and running if you need bare pcb's , they can be purchased using Paypal from our website . we are currently assembling a few for testing and will announce availability shortly of assembled boards and complete kits , along with wiring harness's , usb lead's , gps , antennas & zigbee modules etc.

Although the website is new , we hope to have stocks of almost everything you will need , and other rc supplies too .