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The Project Page

The Paparazzi project is hosted at where the CVS repository is available.

The IRC Chat Channel

Chat with us live on IRC using our web-based IRC portal or with your own client software such as mIRC or Xchat at: [1]

  • Web Based: Simply go to, enter a unique nickname, and say hello to the team!
  • Client Software: Download one of the many freeware/shareware IRC clients and put [2] at the top of your favorites list!

Registering on the Freenode IRC Network

In order to send private messages on this IRC Server (Freenode) you are required to register. This cuts down on the amount of spam by preventing bots from mass messaging clients. Commands in IRC begin with a forward slash '/'. Type these two commands into your IRC client.

Select your own unique password and use it in place of <password>. Make sure you are currently using the "nickname" that you would like to use.

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password>

You will now have registered your nickname to your hostmask (or IP address) and the Freenode IRC network will attempt to prevent others from using your nickname. You will need to identify yourself to the system now every time you log onto IRC with the command below.

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

These commands return output results as well, depending on what IRC client you are using to chat it may have appeared in either your main chat window or a separate server window where other server related messages appear.

Paparazzi Users Forum - please join and get this forum going!


[3] Antoine Drouin, Project co-founder