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Devices under test

Sensor name Message name driver Chip label
SCP1000-D11 SCP_STATUS baro_scp_i2c D11
MS5611-BA01 BARO_MS5611 baro_ms5611_i2c 561101BA01 615798Z
MPL3115A2 MPL3115_BARO baro_mpl3115 M3PR XFOC
BMA085 BMP_STATUS bmp_status 0B50 144 5001


The pressure sensors were flat on the table, all (house) windows closed, no direct light and quietness. The telemetry data was transferred through USB. Raw log data is File:Baro

All sensors flat on the table.

Baro test.png

As an additional simple test the door to the outside was quickly openend (559.1s) and closed (584.4).

Baro test door.png